Lenorable (Washington, DC)

Lenorable matches the best elements of post-punk with the sonic depth of electronic music. Armed with Ian Graham’s sometimes-noisy, shoegazer-inspired guitar, Lisa Reed’s haunting vocals and layered, ghostly synth lines, this DC-based duo creates a new brand of gothic electro rock.

“I often find some bands remind me of Siouxsie and the Banshees and in particular, their great album “Kaleidoscope”, but rarely has anything sounded like quality outtakes from that album. The vocals are a little bit edgier here, subtle but edge is there. The drums are heavy on an electronic high pitched snare, but that guitar and bass work dance around like McGeough and Severin did so well, so many years ago. But this is not merely a retro release by this DC duo. The sounds are fresh and the vocals chilling.” DC Rock Live review of “The Prince” EP

“With their droning synth and drum loops, creepy music videos, and Lisa Reed’s haunting vocals, Lenorable are the kind of band that can keep you up at night.” Washingtonian Music Picks, 2/24/2012

“Lisa Reed’s rollercoaster vocals run the gamut between commanding imperiousness and wild fearfulness. However, it always seems to fit in with the noisy guitar screeching that Ian Graham plays atop catchy driving synthy lines.” DCist “Three Stars,” 10/28/2011

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